Renting a studio flat in London- a glossary of terms

Here at Red Residential the most of our tenants are new to the city and renting a studio flat in London. We specialise in renting studio flats in West and Central London, and when it comes to renting a studio there is a whole new language that flat searchers need to learn.

We always try to guide prospective tenants through the process as smoothly as possible (please feel free to email us with any questions and check out our useful guide to lettings) so here are some definitions of the terms you will come across whilst looking for a studio flat on our website and on other flat listing websites.

Renting a studio flat in London- Glossary of terms:

  • Flat (lets start at the beginning!)- apartment.
  • Studio– a self contained room with a bed and an en-suite bathroom or shower room. Usually there will be a kitchenette in the room too unless it is specifically states that the kitchen is separate.
  • Single Studio– a studio with a single bed that is suitable for one person only. Usually there will be a single bed as the room isn’t big enough for a double bed.
  • Double Studio– a studio flat with a double bed and suitable for two people. Sometimes it is possible to change a double bed for two single beds.
  • Bedsit– a room with a bed and with some shared facilities. Often a bedsit will have its own kitchenette in the room and a shared bathroom.
  • Single bedsit– a bedsit with a single bed and suitable for one person only.
  • Double bedsit– a bedsit with a double bed and suitable for two people.
  • Kitchenette– a mini kitchen. Usually a kitchenette will include a fridge, an oven and/or a microwave, a sink, a hob and some storage space. Often kitchenettes in studio flats come equipped with plates, glasses, pots and pans etc.
  • Shower room– a room with a shower and a toilet.
  • Bathroom– a room with a bath and a toilet. Studio flats in London rarely have baths.
  • Fully furnished– all furniture is included in the flat.
  • Part furnished– some furniture is included.
  • All bills included- this should mean that ALL bills are included but always check!
  • Council Tax– this is a local tax that varies from area to area but is often around £50-100 per month. Council Tax payment is strictly enforced by local authorities but sometimes this bill is included in the rent. Full time students are exempt from paying Council Tax but have to provide documentation to the local authority to prove that they are studying.
  • TV Licence– if you have a TV, or even if you watch live TV on another device,  in the UK you have to have a TV licence which pays for the BBC and other services. This currently costs £145.50 per year and can be paid annually, quarterly, monthly and even weekly. Usually this bill is not included in the price of a flat even if a TV is provided.
  • Tenancy Agreement or Contract– a legal contract or agreement between a tenant and a landlord. This sets out your rights and responsibilities, the rental price and the length of the tenancy.
  • Deposit– A sum of money that is given to the landlord which is held as security for the duration of the tenancy. Legally it must be registered by the landlord in a Deposit Protection Scheme this ensures that it is returned to you in full at the end of the tenancy assuming that you have been paying the rent and there is no damage to the property. A deposit is usually 1 months or 6 weeks rent.

We hope that this helps demystify some of the ads you will come across and make your search quicker and easier. For more information on the process of renting a studio flat in London please check out our guide for tenants where there is a very helpful 10 step guide to walk you through the process.

So now you are ready to start searching for a studio flat in London and the best place to start of course is the Red Residential studio flat listings! Browse through our current offerings and send us an email if you have any questions or to arrange some viewings.